Woods and Witchers

Never before in my life have I ever had the opportunity to travel as much as I do now, and I am taking all the chances I’m afforded. Recently I stole myself away from my home in the heat of Phoenix to the beautiful wild of Flagstaff. My mission: To find a spot that I could no longer hear any engines. My inventory included a, just purchased; hammock, Trail Mix, my camera, my hiking boots, and a book I had been wanting to bury myself in (The Last Wish), I got soooo close to achieving my goal, but after a few hours of hiking to my new but incredibly temporary home, and lounging in my new fantastic purchase, the roar of a semi in the distance broke my wilderness immersion. So so Close! I continued reading for a few more hours then packed up to head home-home. I retreated, desperate to plan my next adventure. I guess next time, I’ll need to go even further.