What other life UPGRADES have I been missing

Recently I have gone through a long term relationship breakup (no stranger to this community), and I’ve been dealing with the grief of loss, with trying to be better. Reading more and building my passions and skills has been helping so much but one day I noticed how my best friend can touch type like a leashed hummingbird. (dont ever do that IRL) so it motivated me to try to improve my typing skills rather than keep using my aggressive woodpecker-ing at the keyboard with my pointer fingers technique.

I found some YouTube tutorials and sites to test my pitiful speed. no good, and then I stumbled upon www.keybr.com and… Oh, my gods. I went from struggling 15 WPS (words per minute) to a comfortable 45ish WPS in the span of five days (8 hrs total). This is something that I wish I would have done in High School, rather than now at the ripe old age of 28, and it feels incredible. I fully intend to keep grinding to get up to 60,70,100+WPM but I want to see if this community has more for me.

All that quick, but hard, work made me realized that not typing well, in this age of computers, is something that has been holding me back for soooooo long, and now… now I can comfortably convey my thoughts without needing a freakin foot pedal to backspace all my typos (not a real thing but if you like the idea, let’s talk). That leads me to the reason I’m posting now.

Using the above site as an example of what, to me, feels like the first REAL LIFE-HACKING site that I have ever used, What else can I quickly absorb to upgrade my life?